If you are a company or brand inquiring about a PRODUCT shoot, please fill out as much information as possible in the form below so we can best provide you with an accurate quote. Thank you!

For large projects, usage and additional fees may also apply. Basic services include:

  • Product photography by Antonio Espino
  • full-size JPG files provided via download.
  • Selection and correction of captured photographs
  • Online gallery of corrected photographs
  • Basic lighting setup
  • Color accurate capture
  • Choice of Solid Color Background/ BLACK or WHITE
  • Clipping and retouching is available for an additional fee.

The time required for your project will vary based on the difficulty of photographing each product.

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What is the proposed shoot date?
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What is the absolute deadline for receiving the final images?
For products that have very small intricate details.
Are the objects opaque, reflective, clear, or a mixture of all three? *
Will the shoot take place in studio or on location? *
ex: advertising, billboard, internet, editorial, misc. resale, packaging, etc.
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Studio Locations

If you require a professional studio, some of my favorite locations in Orange County include F40 STUDIO



FD Photo Studio, Smash Box Studios, Studio 1342


Amentities (and prices) for these studios vary greatly so your budget and sensibilities may influence which studio you'd like to use for your project.

For remote studio product photography, an additional setup fee of $150 is required. 


*prices do not include travel.