3 Photographers Shoot the Same model

This week I take Jessica Kobeissi's 3 photographers shoot the same model challenge and shoot it out against 3 very talented photographers: Patrick Park and Nigel Tanabe

Model of the day: Matt Maddox

The challenge was very impromptu and we were very limited with space/wardrobe/time but overall it was a blast. Having to think on your feet, knowing that your time was quickly running out is a skill I want to further develop for those unexpected moments that occur during a photoshoot.  There's not much else to say, if you haven't tried the challenge give it a shot, and let me know in a comment below how it went OR tag me in your photos/video. I'd love to see how you did. BELOW you can see the photos we took and at the bottom you can click to watch our youtube video. To check out other tutorials/vlogs/interviews and challenges check out http://youtube.com/antonioespinophoto


Photos by Nigel Tanabe 


Photos by Patrick Park


Photos by Antonio Espino