A look into - "Organic"

It's funny how one idea tends to inspire another almost by accident. Touching on similar themes to that of my previous series "Flowerchild" (being a child of the planet) I came up with a more light hearted version. Fruit of the planet/children of the earth is the literal theme/life and death and our limited time as "ripe" fruit is the subject matter. I wanted to incorporate pop art/vibrant fun colors. . I just started finished part of this series about a month ago in April. I started this project back in 2015 , so like most of my art, it's unfinished and will be revisited when I can afford some more fruit to be photographed... All of the elements are real just photographed separately and layered/blended in photoshop.

We are only on this earth for a limited time and I think it is important to remind ourselves of that thought, however morbid that may sound, because there are so many opportunities and experiences that life has to offer. We just have to be willing to answer the call. I don't think that dwelling on our own mortality should be depressing, rather it should spark in us the drive and desire to actually LIVE! Thank you for reading, I believe life is a beautiful gift and we should live it to the fullest.